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Reflecting back on 2018

Another year has come and gone, time for taking stock and New Year resolutions, evaluation of the past year and a chance to make decisions to do better. With the passage of time and with it the experiences in the past 12 months, I have also learned and changed.  It...

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My Experience With AAC – Tim Chan (2012)

This was written by Tim Chan in 2012 and is being published with his consent.        My name is Tim Chan, I am 17 years old with a Chinese Australian background. I like books, swimming, cycling, and roller-blading. I have moderately severe autism.  I don’t have...

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The Power Of Stories – My Trip To Uluru

I just returned from Uluru after a 6 day trip, our first to Central Australia.  I can now see why the iconic monolith has such drawing power. It came into view when we first drove to the National Park and the sight of it, standing under the sunset sky, red sky, red...

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AAC Tips From Tim Chan

With around 14 years of AAC use since I picked up partner assisted typing at the age of 9, I wish to share some of my hard earned strategies. Students using AAC like me are visual thinkers, and there are times in a busy environment like classrooms that we will feel...

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My Journey With AAC

I love to write, writing gives me a voice to reach out to the world. Without speech since a toddler, I was encased by my silence because I was unable to talk. I will never forget the first time I learned to type with support. I was nine years old, in Grade 3, and went...

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