Communication Rights Australia has made the extremely difficult decision to cease providing advocacy services until further notice.

Due to altered funding arrangements, largely associated with the rollout of the NDIS, Victorian disability advocacy agencies funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) lost their information funding in September 2019. This left Communication Rights Australia with only the advocacy funding which made up an amount sufficient to only to support one advocacy position.
Communication Rights Australia was aware that information funding would be withdrawn, and had been applying for grants. Unfortunately to date, we have been unsuccessful in this endeavour. Noting the numerous and varied organisations across Australia vying for NDIA grants, the Communication Rights Australia Board have formed the view that the organisation cannot rely upon receiving further funding in the near future.
The Board have been considering the consequential financial difficulties of our limited funding, and the future of the organisation for some time. After significant thought and discussion, including with DHHS, we have made the extremely difficult decision to cease providing advocacy services until further notice. We have advised DHHS of this decision and are working to arrange other suitable options for our clients.
Communication Rights Australia has had a proud history of working effectively with people with disability who have high communication support needs. The recent reduction in funding has made continuing untenable at this time. In the New Year, Communication Rights Australia will consider how the organisation can be strengthened and operate to progress the rights of, and provide advocacy for, people with disability with high communication needs.
Our commitment to providing this advocacy is unwavering, and we are deeply disappointed to find ourselves in this position.
Please email info@communicationrights.org.au if you have any queries or require further information.


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